Heber Michaels

Chief Executive Officer 

Heber Michaels is our Chief Executive Officer at IBEA.  Heber has guided organizations from idea stage to growth stage. Driven by curiosity, creativity, and hard-work ethics; he is known for bringing visions into reality. He strongly believes that each one of us has the potential to change our communities and world for the better. In his spare time, he leads an artificial Intelligence company named Eber Health. Connect with him on Linkedin.



Tenzin Ngodup

Executive Vice-President 

Tenzin Ngodup is our Executive Vice President at IBEA.  From the beginning of IBEA, Tenzin has provided valuable insights on improving IBEA’s technological capabilities. Tenzin currently works for Intel as a Business Intelligence Analyst. In his free time he likes to attend tech events and workshops in Silicon Valley. Tenzin is fascinated by changes in tech and considers himself a futurist. Connect with him on Linkedin.


Steven Truong

Financial Director

Steven Truong is the Financial Director at IBEA. In addition, to IBEA Steven works at CampFire Columbia, where he helps children become the best version of themselves through school and camp activities. In his free time, Steven likes to practice Mixed Martial Arts and hopes one day to become a Qigong instructor. Connect with him on Linkedin.


Gilbert Nguyen

Operation Director

Gilbert Nguyen, is our Operation Director at IBEA. Prior to this Gilbert helped IBEA with internal affairs such as documenting policies, culture and legal requirements. He has played a pivotal role in the development and growth of IBEA. In his spared time he is involved in Russian studies, transhumanists organizations,  and lean manufacturing. Connect with him on Linkedin.


Board of Advisors

Suzanne Ward
Emmy Palmer